2024 Trends in Nature Positive Investments Survey

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Nature4Climate (N4C) is a multi‐stakeholder coalition and a strategic platform for communications, advocacy and campaigns. Our mission is to ensure nature is a third of the climate solution, mitigating at least 10GtCO2e a year by 2030.

This survey is for financial organisations, corporations and enabling companies to identify how Nature4Climate can best support their efforts towards nature positive portfolios by 2030.  This includes nature based solutions (NbS), nature tech, and redirection of finance away from nature-negative investments, such as those that cause deforestation.

The survey is short (2-3 minutes), with multichoice easy to answer questions (on phone or otherwise), with only 7 required responses.  The results will be used to inform our events, strategy and communications in 2024.  A short report will be provided to all respondents.

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At what stage is your organisation at investing in or financing NbS? (select one)
What are the 3 main reasons why your organisation is investigating or researching NbS? (select up to 3)
How do you broadly classify NbS investment and financing opportunities? (select up to 3)
Which of these themes’ interest your organisation as an investment opportunity? (select as many as you like)
Does your organisation consider nature tech an investment opportunity or as a tool (or both)? (select up to 3) (we define nature tech as all technology that helps to implement and accelerate NBS)
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