Advancing corporate action for nature through transition planning and the TNFD and SBTN frameworks

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of our economic and social systems, and the urgency of addressing the environmental and ecological crises we face. Business-as-usual is no longer an option. We need a radical transformation of how we produce, consume, and live in harmony with nature.

Join us for an insightful session with experts from different sectors and backgrounds, who will share their perspectives and experiences on how corporates and financial institutions can adopt transition strategies, set targets and deploy actions to safeguard nature, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities..

This session will cover two related topics important for understanding and tackling nature-related issues: (1) corporate and FI transition planning, and (2) impact management and target setting.

In the first half of this event we will explore what it means for corporates and financial institutions to plan for climate and nature transitions, emphasising the need to  understand and effectively manage nature-related impacts and dependencies for a robust and more sustainable economic system. Learn what the concept entails, best practices and challenges, and the role of innovation, standards, collaboration and regulation in enabling transition planning.

The second half of the event will dive into the complementary but distinct roles of TNFD and SBTN; both tools that corporations and financial institutions can adopt in their transition strategies. Although the TNFD and SBTN missions are both designed to achieve nature-positive outcomes, their two frameworks serve distinct purposes. The TNFD provides a set of nature-related recommended disclosures and additional guidance for corporates and financial institutions to identify, assess, manage and disclose nature-related issues. SBTN’s current focus is to provide science-based methods for corporates to set measurable, actionable and time-bound targets that are grounded in societal goals and ecological thresholds.  To enable corporate action and use of both frameworks, learn how TNFD and SBTN work together, and hear from corporates about their experience and insights using both.  

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19th, September 2023 from 13:30 to 15:00
Madison Hub
Convene 101 Park Avenue
New York,
United States