Power with Purpose: How to Accelerate a Clean, Green, and Equitable Energy Future

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Clean energy projects can provide tremendous benefits to climate, conservation, and community (3C) priorities; however, they can also drive significant conflicts that slow deployment if not developed with a purpose-driven approach. Learn from industry leaders and TNC experts on private sector initiatives focused on maximizing these 3C benefits, and ways to scale these innovative approaches across markets.

We are going to have to massively increase clean energy deployment this decade to meet climate goals. These projects are large, require lots of land, and can drive conflicts that slow deployment.

These projects also can have significant, socioeconomic and environmental co-benefits that when embedded early in the planning and deployment process can accelerate approvals, community support, and climate goals. The private-sector has an opportunity to lead from the front, not only with strong clean energy goals but ensuring those goals are executed in a way that focuses on climate, conservation, and community values.

TNC will moderate a panel of subject matter experts from leading renewable energy developers, buyers, service-providers, industry associations, and community advocates to discuss the opportunities, and challenges, with meeting the climate crisis while ensuring we avoid mistakes of prior energy transitions.

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19th, September 2023 from 09:15 to 10:45
Park Hub
Convene 101 Park Avenue
New York,
United States