Delivering integrity in the VCM: Developments in project REDD+ towards high quality forest carbon crediting

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The event aims to explore advances in methodological approaches for REDD+, including the new Verra consolidated AUD REDD+ methodology, and how they can address key criteria for integrity. The focus is on improvements in strengthening the integrity of project-based REDD+ and also how external scrutiny can play a constructive role in helping the VCM to continue to improve in coming years.

The protection of natural carbon stocks is an indispensable strategy for combatting climate change. For almost two decades, governments and projects have developed and tested a number of innovative approaches to protecting ecosystems and quantifying the resulting emission reductions.

The first generation of REDD project and programs has provided an opportunity for the global community to reflect on the success and ongoing challenges of how site-based conservation contributes to meeting ambitious, large scale climate mitigation goals.

What has become clear is that while climate finance has unquestionably resulted in improved conditions for many natural landscapes, as with any innovation, there has been mixed success. Recently, avoided deforestation carbon projects have come under heightened academic and media scrutiny around questions about the integrity of atmospheric claims.

This panel brings together experts with decades of experience in the voluntary carbon market and REDD, to discuss ways that the VCM can retain market confidence around the integrity of offset claims, while rapidly scaling climate finance to realize its full potential.

Representatives of Verra and authors of next-generation carbon methodologies will discuss how specific technical innovations are addressing some of the main weaknesses identified in past methodologies. Representatives of carbon project ratings companies and academia will present how a sector-wide critical assessment of atmospheric additionality can inform continued improvement of site-based projects, both at the level of individual projects and the standards and methodologies that govern them.

This event will be moderated by Kevin Brown (WCS) and will include the following speakers: Dr. Deborah Lawrence (Chief Scientist, Calyx Global); Julianne Baroody (Senior Director of Forest Carbon Innovations, Verra); Joshua Tosteson (President, Everland); Dr. Erin Sills (Head of Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, NC State University); David Shoch (Director of Forestry and Technical Services, TerraCarbon)

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18th, September 2023 from 13:30 to 15:00
Park Hub
Convene 101 Park Avenue
New York,
United States