From Communities to Partnerships: Catalyzing Investments to scale Natural Climate Solutions

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Natural climate solutions (NCS) are critical to avoiding the worst effects of climate change and offer a third of the global mitigation solution needed to keep temperature rise well below two degrees Celsius. Cost effective protection, management, and restoration of ecosystems around the world is essential and we need to rapidly leverage diverse partnerships to scale our strategies in science, finance, and policy to achieve success, while ensuring inclusivity of process and Free, Prior, and Informed Consent. At this participatory showcase, we will feature solutions and highlight examples of scalable science, partnerships, finance, and policies that elevate marginalized voices and secure land tenure and financing for Indigenous Peoples and local communities. The solution teams will then divide across the room where the audience is strongly encouraged to mingle with the experts to deep dive into topics of most interest.

This reception will feature five speakers:

• Tanushree Biswas – Carbon Program Director talking about the use of science, local knowledge, and partnerships to determine where to invest in forest-based Natural Climate Solutions

• Brie Fraley – Director of Indigenous Landscapes and Communities Director will talk about how we must empower and secure land rights including giving land back to enable indigenous communities to manage lands thereby supporting indigenous livelihoods and climate

• Rony Brodsky – Director of Indigenous People and Local Community led Finance will talk about unlocking scalable financing sources and mechanisms, particularly for Indigenous Peoples and local communities and why this is essential for climate change

• Rachel Pasternack - Global Lead for Forests and Climate will discuss how to scale solutions that work by redirecting public and private finance and leveraging new policies

• Emily Landis – Ocean and Climate Lead will talk about exciting advancements in ocean ecosystems that bring together blue carbon, partnerships, adaptation, and climate finance.

Following short 5 minute talks the speakers along with other colleagues will be available for deeper conversation about any of the topics discussed or other NCS and IPLC related topics. We hope to foster a deep discussion about how to equitably scale Natural Climate Solutions around the world.


18th, September 2023 from 17:30 to 19:30
Grand Central Lounge
Convene 101 Park Avenue
New York,
United States