Can nature foster equity when it comes to adapting to extreme heat?

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Extreme heat is affecting communities around the world, and no group is more at risk than marginalized communities. As people race to confront the climate crisis, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The extent to which people can adapt to climate change can vary significantly depending on where they live, their social and economic status, their gender, religion, ethnicity, and a host of other factors. This is why focusing on equity becomes crucial in addressing climate adaptation.


Nature-based Solutions (NbS) hold immense potential in assisting both people and ecosystems in adapting to climate change. However, for NbS to be effective and enduring, they must reflect and respond to local socioeconomic, ecologic, and cultural systems. Join us for a conversation that includes voices from around the world on how they are trying to adapt to record-setting temperatures and how the climate crisis is exposing structural inequities.

This session will be screened live on Nature4Climate - YouTube

20th, September 2023 from 11:15 to 12:45
Park Hub
Convene 101 Park Avenue
New York,
United States